Blind Chess
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Stiumulate the Mind
Chess is a game that indeed challenges the mind with strategy. Blind chess transforms the tangible chess game Exclusively to the mind eliminating the board and pieces. The intricate and complex strategies are developed and formulated in the mind in direct combat against the opponent. Blind chess exercises the brain as one would exercise any muscle. All of the situations that can occur in chess can be easily translated and related to everyday life, making it more familiar than you could ever imagine.
Build Self Confidence
To understand and play chess appears a daunting task to many. Like learning the alphabet in stages one can not only get it but become proficient in it. However, once learned, the game takes on reasonable understanding with infinite possibilities. To expand the chess game exclusively to the mind develops a powerful confidence of accomplishment and rewarding self esteem.
Promote  Problem Solving
There are often several solutions to a problem. Each solution can rectify the inherent problem at hand. For instance, logically many words can be used to satisfy a sentence.
Wise Decision Making
Unlike mere practical problem solving, some intense and complex problems require certain resolutions. Where several words can satisfy a sentence often only one word can absolutely nail it. With chess strategies, all variables must be considered in the conclusion of the resolution giving the final specificity required.
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with no board, nor pieces

The motivational and inspirational method in teaching the game of blind chess enhances your overall life.